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My Story

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Hello there!


My name is Nonie Manker.   I have been teaching K-8 students on and off since 1993.  I took eleven years off to raise my three boys and when my youngest was 8 years old, I went back to teaching full-time.  In 2011, I switched from a classroom based school, to an Independent Study/Homeschool Program, which was located in Northern California.  I did that for nine years, until my husband and I moved back to the San Diego area in May of 2020, during the pandemic.  At that time I accepted a job at The Classical Academy and have been there for three years.  I recently resigned from that position and am very excited to start my next adventure.  I have been extremely grateful for every teaching job I have ever had.  My experiences in all my different kinds of teaching settings have helped me to form my passion and drive for future education.  I have a love for young kids and families in this generation and hope to be an encouragement and support for them as we partner together to create a safe and healthy environment for their precious children.


On a personal note, I enjoy exercise, gourmet cooking, wine tasting with my husband and friends, entertaining, family, church involvement, and loving people.

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